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Create Your Own Video Tour

Create Your Own Video Tour

Now that people are getting used to working from home, we have found they are now starting to engage with us a lot more online.  Up until now enquiries understandably were very low.

The vendor self-made video tours, for us, have already had a good response and have enabled us to engage with potential buyers and get them lined up for viewings when lockdown is lifted.

We advertise that the video is available online but do not post it so that a potential buyer still has to contact us. We can then email it to them and talk through the property.  The aim here is to gain quality leads for our vendors.

Here are a few pointers on making your own video tour.

1                 PREPARATION – This is key, treat the tour like a viewing, de clutter, make sure all surfaces are clear and cut the grass.

2                 LIGHTING – Even in the day turn all of the lights on and close all the windows.

3                 PLAN YOUR ROUTE – We talk this through with our clients, generally start showing the open front door and walk through your main and best rooms, most buyers will want to see all of downstairs.  Already have a door open to walk in to the garden and then maybe just the main bedroom and your best bathroom.

4                 FEATURES – If you have a nice view, fireplace anything that makes your home different focus on this.

5                 WHAT TO USE – A Smart phone or tablet is best, other devices use too much storage and therefore harder to email to clients.

6                 HOW – Use the front camera which is steadier , always landscape and keep the camera at eye level.  Avoid moving it up and down.

7                 NO COMMENTARY – No need to be a budding Kirsty or Phil, it’s the agents job to talk these through with the clients and can add headers or subtitles if needed.

8                 TIME – The video should be no longer than three minutes and around ten seconds per room.

9                 PRACTICE – Makes perfect! Take a few shots and pick the best one.

10              SENDING THE VIDEO – We transfer is the easiest we have found.                                                            

Please contact me for to discuss and marketing ideas on 01572 756675

The next subject will be :- 

What can you do to get ready for a sale during lockdown and how we can help.


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