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Don’t miss the optimum time to sell your property…

Don’t miss the optimum time to sell your property…

Following on from the decisions made by the UK electorate in December, the stability provided by a five year Tory tenure has been welcomed by many in the housing industry.  There has been talk about the “Boris bubble” and the positive effect of  the election result which is already beginning to show in the housing market. At Osprey we are now seeing the surge in both buyer and seller interest. 

Luckily, the East Midlands markets remained buoyant through 2019 in contrast to the slightly sluggish nature of the housing market in the South East.  

Here at Osprey, we had the privilege of securing sales and negotiating prices right up to the last few days in December proving that our local property stock offers diversity and plenty of buying options.  We have already seen a definite and positive change in the attitude of buyers since the election. We have had multiple offers on properties we have recently sold, which underlines the immediate demand from buyers in our area for similar houses.

Agents have abeen talking about the spike of activity on Rightmove between Christmas and New Year and were encouraging vendors to list going into this period. As you can read in one of our recent blogs at we didn’t necessarily agree this was good advice as people really don’t begin to tune back in to their property plans until the second or even third weekend after Christmas.

Now might be the time to get the price you were looking for

In 2019, the housing market didn’t get going until May following the Brexit talks happening early on in the year. This year the sales market is well and truly up and running and we are definitely seeing more buyers looking now.

Listings for some houses that weren’t seeing the kind of offers required by the vendors last year are now seeing them improved by having their marketing refreshed for 2020.

In short, the housing forecast for this year and beyond is looking rosy. Forecasters are predicting a busy start to this new decade and with talk about the possibility of interest rates being cut and with positivity flooding back, there really is no time like the present to make the most of an increase in both buyers and offers. 

If you would like to speak to one of our staff to get the ball rolling then please give the office a call and start this new decade with a visit from one of our team to value your property, guide you through the sales process and answer any questions that you may have. Call Jamie at the Oakham office by calling 01572 756675 or call the Stamford office on: 01780 769269


  • Cash buyer looking for property in the region of £1.25m within a 3 mile radius of Oakham with decent sized gardens not necessarily acreage. Please call if you have a property which fits this description.
  • 2 buyers recently missed out on 4 bed properties on the David Wilson estate in Oakham and are currently looking to find similar properties. Please call if you have a property which fits this description.
  • We have a lady looking for a 2 bed house for her mother. It must be close to Oakham town centre or on one of the Oakham bypass estates in the region of £200,000 with little work required. Please get in touch for more information.
  • We have a client who is looking for a house with no work needed in Oakham. If you have a recently refurbished or nearly new property for sale and up to £350,000, please get in touch.
  • Cash buyer looking for a cottage close to Oakham with garden space for their dogs. Happy to do work to the property and to spend up to £200,000 if that is needed. Or up to £350,000 if no work is needed.

Oakham: 01572 756675
Stamford: 01780 769269


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