When is the best time for you home to go on the market?

It’s one of those rare times throughout the year when people have time to relax and surf the internet to their hearts content.

The Christmas holidays always show traditionally high levels of traffic for Rightmove as people idly scroll through the listings with time on their hands and dreams of what kind of house they may move to one day.

Many estate agents will tell you that the Christmas holidays are a great time to showcase your property because so many people are looking. However in our experience that can be a risky thing to do for two reasons.

Number 1: Most of the people who are looking at property listings over Christmas are not that serious about moving ‘right now’ and those who do want move have perhaps put the urgency to one side and will focus family time. It is not until the Christmas decorations have come down that people really focus in on what the New Year holds fro them and start looking in earnest at their plans and ultimately concentrate on trying to make a house move happen.

Number 2: If you have listed specifically for the Christmas holidays you may have unwittingly ran the risk of your property being a hangover from 2019. In our experience your property listing should appear refreshed for the second or third weekend of January as people begin searching in earnest for a new home.

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