Spring Property Update – Osprey Property gaining market share

It may seem that spring ain’t sprung yet, but there are signs in the hedgerows and signs of life once again in the property market. Spring being traditionally one of the most active periods for both lettings but especially sales. Osprey Property now have a very active, and growing, presence in the local sales market and we are pleased that we are winning significant market share. There are probably many reasons for this, and we don’t wish to blow our own trumpets but we focus a lot on a personalised, professional service and our staff offer a fantastic service. We are small, niche operators that punch well above our weight.

If you are considering selling, or indeed letting out, your property then please do let us know. We can give you our thoughts and opinions on the local market, what demand we have, where we see the market going and an opportunity to pitch our service. There can be no harm in seeking our opinion; given that each transaction is usually several hundred thousand pounds, a saving or an opportunity to make just 3% of difference in price translates into several thousand pounds of potential extra revenue.

We see very little competition from the “online only” operators; in our humble opinion, the potential fee saving is insignificant when one considers the local expertise and extra work provided through the traditional estate agency route. It is a “no brainer” in our opinion and we would be delighted to itemise all the advice and services we provide that an online operator may not!

Lastly, the market, more of the same; good, solid, steady, un-sexy, expect growth of c5%. If you are an investor, combine this with a rental yield of 5%+ and the result should be a nice total return of 10%. Please show us where else one can get similar returns?!

Wishing all our clients a happy Spring.

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