Property Market Update:

So the results of the General Election have provided a short term boost to house prices, and an improvement in sentiment across the board. Whilst it is undoubtedly short term positive, it also ensures a “pro-housing” Government for the next 5 years. Low interest rates, Government support, support for institutional residential property investment all bode well for residential investment.

There seems to be plenty of press commentary about the pros and cons of buy to let as an asset class; clearly the past performance of this sector has been very strong, and in our opinion, there seems little to derail this positive rising market.

At RPG, we advise prospective investors on what we consider are the best locations to invest in.

We are still very positive on the local Rutland market; commutable to London, quality locations and tenants, and good longer term fundamentals to underpin the investment. BUY in Kettering, Oakham and Stamford.

Please contact us for our recommendations.

We are also positive on the market in Hull (where we operate a property management business for the past 10 years).  Interestingly in research by HSBC Hull was ranked as one of the “top three cities” for rental returns.

With low average house prices and strong rental demand there are good opportunities for a strong yield and capital appreciation potential. BUY in Hull.


As ever with property investment, it is important to focus on location, location, location and seek out the best advice on where to buy and what to buy. This means not just looking at any new build site, but new V old, city centre V suburb V commuter area, rental demand, rental yield, tenant profile, underlying employment statistics etc. Buy-to-let is generally a big investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly; but with the right research landlords can feel confident that they can achieve good returns around the UK.

Please do contact us for further advise.

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