Newsletter and Prediction for 2015

The Christmas break is over, and business is back to usual, indeed the first 2 weeks of January have been a lot busier than expected; perhaps decisions are made in the “down time” of the Christmas break and new resolutions made to find a new managing agent! Like all the mugs at this time of year we try to give you an educated view on what we see happening to the property market in 2015 and a few other relevant and not so relevant predictions.

Predictions are fairly useless if you do not know the track record of what has been predicted in the past. After all, if there is a poor track record of the past, there is little point in heeding their recommendations for the future! So we always include a section on reviewing our predictions for last year. We seem to have done fairly well and we called the market correctly; ie. A positive rise of 7% we forecast and the Nationwide figures for year end show a 7.2% rise. Generally we were correct on most things which was reassuring.

Going into 2015 we do make the prediction that our predictions will not be as good as in the past few years! There are too many “unknowns” that may affect house prices and the residential market, the most obvious one being political and the May election. Other factors such as interest rate movements, macro events (Europe), and global instability all combine into what we hope will be positive and interesting for the residential market, but nigh on impossible to predict!

Please click here to read the Annual Newsletter with our predictions; RPG Newsletter Jan 2015

(Please note this is on our parent companies website, Residential Property Group).

We would be interested to hear your feedback on the newsletter and we wish you all a prosperous and happy 2015.


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