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We have been actively finding properties for investors since 2001, we know the local markets, we have the contacts, and we manage properties throughout these regions, and are therefore able to advise and assist our existing clients as well as new landlords.

It means we can assist in what can be a complex purchase procedure, it means being confident in the decisions you have made to invest, and it means that we do not just source a property then run, but once sourced we will manage the property and hope to forge a long-term relationship with all our clients, old and new.

We continuously review investment opportunities throughout the UK, and we are not geographically constrained. As always, due diligence of the unit(s) concerned is imperative. You must choose the right area, the right location, the right development, and the right unit(s) in which to invest in

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*Our calculators are provided for illustrative purposes only, they do not take your personal circumstances into consideration and the results are not guaranteed to be accurate or fit for any purpose. The presented results should not be taken as professional advice, or relied upon as the sole basis for making important decisions.

The UK Investment Market

The UK residential property market is widely viewed as a robust, stable and attractive asset class. In times of general market turbulence & uncertainty many investors are entering or expanding in the buy to let market, and overseas investors are more frequently seeing  UK property as not only a good foothold in UK real estate, but one that is well insulated against the fluctuations and erratic natures of other markets and commodities.

Unlike stocks and shares, gold or fine art – a buy to let property provides not only capital appreciation over time but offers an exceptionally attractive additional product of rental yield. This lucrative investment mechanic means that we can purchase property for our client and ensure it is in line with their strategy and goals. This could be purely yield driven, mid to long term hold strategy or a blend of the two. We frequently purchase for  clients that wish for a more diverse investment strategy that are moving away from more historical formats.

When you look at recent property market predictions all signs point towards a stable and strong future for UK property investment. Savills predicts that over the next 5 years, leading us to 2026, UK property prices will increase by 15.5 % (excluding London).

In the world of money, savings, and pensions today – we are sad to report that the banks are offering little in the way of return with this unlikely to change in the short to mid-term. The process of sourcing, purchasing, managing the property, and trusting someone to execute on these parameters is however where the journey fails to get started for many.


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Why Invest with Osprey Investments?

Given our experience as landords, property management agents, letting agents and estate agents we are uniquely positioned to assist you in an investment purchase or portfolio build anywhere in the UK. We originally started in the East Midlands and East of England, but over the years have gone across the country for everything asset acquisition, management and disposal related. East Midlands is an important geographic area for investors to consider when purchasing investment property. It is an area which offers a broad range of residential investment opportunities. From terraced houses at £50,000 to rural houses at £1m+, new build flats at £150,000 to new family homes at £500,000. Some areas have stronger economic and employment opportunities than others, but as a whole the East Midlands is a vibrant and strong economic region. Properties tend to yield above national average, and capital appreciation potential is strong, with prices rising off a low base and benefitting from the economic trickle effect from London. 

We are seeing increasing amounts of investors and investment focussed on this region as the investment conditions in London and the South East become more testing.

True investment agents are hard to find….they should not be limited by geographic location, nor should they only sell their own stock. This is why at Osprey Property investment our service is whole of market and we actively source units across the open market and off market propositions.

Our portfolio client receives a half yearly portfolio review with added value recommendations e.g. rent reviews, trading recommendations, market views etc and consolidated Management Accounts (P&L, Balance Sheet) which typically ties in well with accountants records and end of year tax return calculations for our larger scale clients.

Why use Osprey Investments?

  • We have a pro-active sourcing approach both on and off the open market for existing and new buy-to-let landlords
  • We create custom built portfolios of residential investment properties, from single units to larger apartment blocks
  • We have a proven track record in property investment and advice
  • Transparency: We insist throughout the whole process from purchase to lettings and management that clients are aware of the fees being charged. There are NO hidden extras
  • We have strong established relationships with estate agents, managing agents, developers and builders from whom we receive purchase opportunities consistently.
  • Performance and Risk Management – Osprey Investment offers bespoke advice on both a discretionary and an advisory basis to institutions, charities, family trusts and individuals on their residential property investment strategies
  • Strategic investment advice on how to maximise returns for residential property portfolios including due diligence, purchase negotiation, sales, refurbishment, maintenance, minimising costs, maximising capital and income returns
  • Evaluating and executing acquisitions and disposals.
  • Investment advice for new buy to let investors seeking exposure to the residential property market
  • Trading, development and refurbishment strategies
  • Ongoing asset management including set up, inventory inspection, referencing and legal support

What's our Pedigree?

As nearly all our clients are kindly introduced to us via referrals from our current and historic clients, how we do business and our transparency throughout the process is critical. We are happy to give complete numbers for your financial planning and to do our homework when it comes to which investment properties & geographic pockets look appealing to your strategy, and why. Whilst it is prudent to look forward at forecasts in terms of what an asset will produce, it would be negligent to not look at historic performance to understand what underpins both its stability and longer-term prospects. 

If you were investing funds into the stock market, its fair to guess that  you would use a broker to deploy your funds. If you are investing in UK real estate for investment please proceed with the same mindset. We’re confident in our ability to navigate and maximise your investment correctly, so get in touch to discuss further.

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