Want to move but not sure 
where, when or how?

With our personalised HOME SEARCH SERVICE you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have found your perfect place to go to, before the sale board goes up, and hoards of possible buyers are knocking at your door.

It’s like a dating agency for houses but a lot less stressful…

Hannah came to value my home; I was really quite nervous to take the first step as all the other agents were keen to send their buyers around who wanted to move quickly. Hannah was different as he firstly listened to the kind of property that I wanted to buy and was very honest in his approach. By actively seeking out properties that fitted my requirements, he found me a lovely cottage in Uppingham, off market. I then sold my home within a week and couldn’t be happier, such a refreshing approach!
Maria came to value our home; we were looking to downsize and were reluctant to sell as everyone we met seemed to be in such a rush to market our home and we still weren’t sure exactly what we wanted. Hannah and Maria worked with us on what types of property they felt would suit us and then helped us secure an offer on another agent’s property. Whilst doing this, they sold our home. Put simply, they made the whole process so much more relaxed and took the stress out of it.
Just some of the information that we give to prospective sellers and buyers

Why use Home Search?

Many clients want to move but are worried to take that first step for a variety of reasons.

  • Worried they will be pressurised to move.
  • Impatient buyers constantly putting on pressure
  • Estate Agents pushing to move quicker than the speed of light!.
  • Nothing for sale they’d like to move onwards to
  • Having to sell before they are getting to view.

Often this ends with them never moving and putting it off till next year whilst they see many houses that they would have liked, pass them by.

Our clients say they used our services because we listened to what their needs were in terms of timing and where they wanted to move to as opposed to other agents wanting to push their buyers round straight away.

The important thing is if you are 100% decided on a move, then meet with our experienced team in your area.  All of our Branches are run by local people; they treat it like their own business and all have many years’ experience and knowledge. They understand how to help guide you through the process and relieve the stress.  They will discuss what your requirements are and then start approaching properties they feel may suit you once they have a full understanding of what you are looking for.

Connecting you with people 'off market'

We will look for properties off market for you, before you have sold, within a 50 mile radius of our branches. Or, we can introduce a buyer pre-market who will be happy to wait until you find your new home.

Sellers early in the stages often find it refreshing to be approached by an agent telling them someone may be interested in their property allowing them to start looking themselves but not feeling pressurised.

Once you have found a property, we will organise some block viewings on your home at times to suit you, accompanied by your main contact who you will have dealt with in this process all along.

Once you have found your home and agreed a sale on yours, we will help progress with your preferred solicitors on a regular basis.

With homesearch, we are simply slowing the process down a little to helping our clients, not just on the selling of their home but the overall process (even if the purchase is through another agent). This way we are helping our client to achieve their dream result.

Curious about the value of your home?

Even if you’re not ready just now, we are happy to meet you to discuss the value of your home.

To discuss selling your home,  just fill in our contact form here and one of our sales agents will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours.