5 Tips To Make Your House Sell Faster

So you are thinking of selling your house… You’ve picked the right agent, you’ve organised your finances and you’ve got where you’re moving to next (maybe!), So now what? Sit back and relax?

You certainly can. However, if you want to sell your house quickly then you need to take an active role in the process and we have provided you with some free and low-cost options to optimise your home.

1.Fix things you never got round to doing

That loose handle on the kitchen cabinet, the wonky bath panel, all easy ten minutes fixes that could potentially save you thousands! Viewers will often assess the price of your house against the level of work that is required, so by minimising the time they may need to get things right for them, you could be saving money. Take a trip down to your local hardware store and make your Sunday afternoon worth it!

2. ‘Stage’ your home

Rearranging furniture, touching up skirting boards and replacing old light bulbs will go a long way when you are hosting viewings, especially second viewings when they will be really looking! This can help us really focus on the property’s highlights rather than spending our time downplaying certain aspects.

3. Depersonalising and De-cluttering

It is easier for potential buyers to visualise themselves with their own belongings if the house if you present a blank slate. Some of our suggestions would be to paint neutral colours, remove any unnecessary or bulky items of furniture and family photos.

4. Set yourself apart

By taking some time before a viewing can make the experience so much better for buyers. Light a fire, fill the fruit bowl, put the heating on or if you really have time… Bake something! Make the house feel warm and welcome and we can guarantee a higher success rate… Or at least some kind feedback!

5. Be accommodating 

We know selling can be a bit of a pain but having an awkwardly timed viewing is better than no viewing at all! Sometimes it will be impossible and that’s fine but make it easy for the buyer to view again by rearranging your schedule or suggest a new day & time quickly to avoid them passing on visiting the property entirely. We recommend our clients be out of the house for viewings to allow buyers to feel comfortable looking round and we can also give you immediate feedback (feedback is very important and can help you sell your house at the next viewing!) We then encourage viewers to meet our vendors where you can start building that all important buyer-seller relationship early.

Happy selling!

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