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It was interesting to come across this news announcement;

A DISGRUNTLED landlord had super-glued his hand to a desk at Thurrock Council’s offices. The Mr Lovitt, 60, of Chadwell St Mary, visited the council following a dispute with his tenant over rent.

Mr Lovitt said: “Gluing my hand to the desk is a protest move. The council is refusing to help us. I’m unwell and am now living without heat because I’m not receiving my rent money.”

“The tenant hasn’t paid my rent in months. But she says she is not working and that the council should still be paying her rent.”

“I am a pensioner and do not need this. It’s just not on and my last resort was to superglue my hand.”

Emergency services were called to the council office to deal with the incident and Mr Lovitt was separated from the desk within 20 minutes of fire-fighters arriving at the scene. Nail varnish remover was the key ingredient in dissolving the glue from Mr Lovitt’s hand.

Of course, we would always hope our clients contact us first, and whilst there are many frustrations with dealing with rental arrears, we do not recommend the above course of action. There is a set protocol for claiming back rental arrears and should any landlord be experiencing difficulties with rental collections, please do contact us.


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