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We opened our first office in Stamford 3 years ago to leverage off the success of our Oakham and other offices. Like all “new offices” especially one that we committed to grow organically it was going to take time to gain a foothold into the market, especially one such as Stamford. However, it did not take us long to win new properties under management and indeed sales instructions. We were really excited when Maria Johnson joined us in February 2020. Timing was unfortunate given covid, and soon the “lockdown” happened.

It allowed us to appraise the office, the services we offered and our presence in Stamford. We see it as a “twin” town to Oakham, geographically not separated by a large distance but each market with its own unique characteristics and features. We quietly have worked away over the summer and have come out of the lockdown with great impetus. Osprey Stamford branch have successfully sold a number of large properties and we now have a very strong list of buyers looking for new homes in the area. 

This success has been helped hugely by Maria and her knowledge and enthusiasm for Stamford and the surrounding areas. She has worked locally in real estate, and more specifically, estate agency for nearly 20 years now. Her wealth of knowledge of Stamford and outlying villages, has enabled us to compete against other local agents and win some fantastic new business. She works closely with the rest of our sales team and indeed the team as a whole. Indeed, she previously worked with Jamie Tyler, our Sales Director, and between them they have become a formidable team in the local market winning new leads and offering quality advice.

We have executed a number of transactions both on market and off market and have a list of potential buyers keen to move to the local area. The attractions of Stamford and the surrounding areas are compelling, especially with many families reassessing as a result of covid, the quality of life for Stamford are clear to see.

Our sales team is stronger than ever and our professional straight-talking approach has helped us grow. We know the market well, we have the experience and expertise. We don’t brag about it but quietly go about our business and we hope that word of mouth and customer referrals will do the rest for us. We are keen and excited for the future and look forward to discussing any property related queries you may have.

Please contact Maria (Stamford) or Jamie (Oakham) for an informal discrete conversation if you might have interest in selling or indeed buying.

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