Is your garden ready for the Spring property market?

Quick ways to make an impact outside when you are selling your house

It’s fair to say that the Spring property market surge is well under way, spring flowers are blooming and everything is looking more colourful and cheerful. But does your own outdoor space match the expectations of a prospective buyer? Follow these simple steps to ensure your garden doesn’t let you down when selling your home.

Get your garden property market ready
An inviting, lush green space can be a real draw.

  1. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet
    Well tended lawns look great and can be a real plus point if your prospective buyers are a family with young children, avid gardeners or just sun worshippers conjuring images of themselves basking in the rays of an endless British Summer.

    Winter is only just over but the chances are that your lawn is quite a bit longer than it should be, after all it has been ‘far too wet and cold to do any sort of gardening recently…. Hasn’t it?’

    Well in truth it probably has, but now is the time to dust off the mower and get trimming. However don’t be too harsh and set your mower blades too low, there is nothing worse than a lawn which has been scalped to within a millimetre of its life. It will look uneven, show the dead grass from last season at the base of this year’s stems and allow weeds to take hold. Take only the top off for a start and then lower the blades for another cut which will prevent ‘skidding’ and subsequent marking of the lawn.

    Once the lawn is looking tidy you should only have to cut again once a fortnight early in the year while night time temperatures are still low. Grass grows best when temperatures are constantly above 5 degrees C. If you can’t commit to a weekly cut when the grass gets growing, try to find time to edge it, which will invariably make the lawn look neater between cuts.

    A Spring feed is also a good idea which will both green up your lawn and thicken it too. The best results are achieved by using a granular feed that supplies a regular amount of nutrients over several weeks.
  2. Plant containers up ready for Estate Agent photographs
    A few strategically placed containers with flowers which are in bloom now are a sure fire way of improving the look of your garden. Choose a colourful pot too and it can become a real focal point, drawing the eye away from unsightly corners of the garden which you may not have had a chance to combat.
  3. Put clutter away ready for prospective homebuyers
    Don’t leave items in the garden that can clutter the overall view of the garden. Unused garden toys, hose reels, tools and even can be banished to the shed so that viewers can imagine this as their own space.
  4. Spring clean your patio for the Spring property market
    If you have a large area of patio in your garden borrow or hire a pressure washer and give it a good old scrub, a pressure washer will also get rid of those pesky weeds which inhabit the cracks between paving slabs. It’s amazing the difference it can make and it really doesn’t take long. 
  5. Invest in some new patio furniture
    Replacing old patio furniture might seem like an unnecessary purchase if you are selling your house but some shiny new tables and chairs can add the finishing touch to all your hard work making the seating area look fresh and inviting and after all when you sell your house you can take it with you and celebrate in your new home.

Checklist of jobs to get your outdoor spaces ready for the Spring property market

Remember it is much better for buyers to pull up outside your property and see a freshly cut lawn, driveway and well kept garden as a first impression. Here is a checklist to help you get the most sales potential from your garden. 

  • Clean Patios and Driveways
  • Remove weeds
  • Rake up dead leaves 
  • Dig or Fork over borders
  • Plant up containers
  • Clean front door
  • Paint or treat fences
  • Cut lawns
  • Clean out garages and sheds.

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