Rutland is Rural Best: Happy Days for Oakham:

Wonderful to read at that Rutland has been named as the best rural place to live in Britain; about time it got more recognition. Despite being termed the “sleepy county” there were many factors taken into consideration by the Halifax Rural Areas Quality of Life Survey including;rResidents’ good health, rate of employment and weather. Apparently, over 96 per cent of residents reported good or fairly good health, while weekly earnings averaged a high £626. The county also enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the country, less rainfall per year than the national average and an adult population which is among the most happy, satisfied and content in Britain, according to the ONS survey on national well-being. Craig McKinlay, mortgages director at Halifax said Rutland residents can lay claim to having the highest standard of living in rural Britain. “In terms of personal wellbeing and general good health, Rutland residents score among the highest in Great Britain,” he said. “And while house prices relative to earnings are above the rural average, Rutland still performs strongly in terms of average weekly earnings and a high employment rate.”

Long may it continue! As letting agents in both Oakham and Kettering we are seeing increasing numbers of investor buyers and new tenants moving to the area. If you have a property to rent or are seeking advice on an investment property please contact us.

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