Sinking ship? No! Property is still a long term investment…

…The media and other property experts have been perpetuating the claim that the property market is sinking, that prices are stagnant or worse falling for anyone looking to sell, and that the market itself is ‘drying up.’

Yes, it’s a gloomy picture to paint, and a worrying one, if you can believe it. But the reality is, that the property market has always been a fluctuating beast that is affected by the smallest of Global, European and National changes. Is it no wonder that the last 18 months in the property world have been turbulent? We’ve been through Brexit, Trump AND a re-election…. I’d say that we’re allowed a bit of a wobble wouldn’t you?

The message we want to get across to you today, is one of patience and faith, property is a long term investment.  Osprey Sales & Lettings has been actively investing across the Midlands for a number of years now and as such we’ve seen a lot of these ‘wobbles’ exactly for what they are- speed bumps, or hyped up media reporting that is often London biased and not in tune with the nuances of the differing regional markets.

You know what we see?

Opportunity. Yes, the property market is changing, due to new Government legislation which may in the short term result in more properties coming to market over the next year, which in turn should provide a good buying opportunity for those looking for a long term investment.  The fundamentals in the UK market remain the same, we are not building enough homes to satisfy demand and while this status remains property will continue to be a reliable investment.

As we are now more than half way through 2017, now is a good time to take stock and plan for the rest of the year.  Part of what the team does here is to advise and work with landlords to maximise their investment and to make that an easy process.

So give one of the team at Osprey Property a call to discuss your options. No obligation, and no strings attached!

Experience and advice…

jamie tyler osprey property sales director…Osprey Sales and Lettings are proud to announce the appointment of Jamie Tyler as their new Sales Director – Jamie has more than 20 years of sales experience and for the duration of his career has built and managed a wide network of clients within market leading sales agencies and is looking forward to joining and growing the Osprey sales team.

Our clients were keen for us to launch a Sales arm which is going from strength to strength, Jamie’s new appointment will enable us to offer the standards they have come to expect and will provide over 20 years of experience and knowledge to give you the best advice and strategy when selling your home.

To book an informal chat with Jamie you can call him on 01780 722780

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