Osprey Investments – Managing properties and sites for investors since 2001

Here at Osprey Investments we have been finding and manging properties and sites for investors since 2001. We know the local markets, have the contacts and manage properties and buildings throughout multiple regions, and are therefore able to advise and assist our existing clients as well as new investors. 

 Most of our clients use our expertise as an investment and asset management firm, for direct, candid advice. It means we can assist in what can be a complex purchase procedure, being confident in the decisions you have made to invest, and it means that we do not just assist in purchasing/ sourcing a property and then disappear… but once purchased/sourced we will manage the property & hope to forge a long-term relationship. 

The UK residential property market is widely viewed as a robust, stable and attractive asset class. In times of market turbulence & uncertainty our investors (both UK and overseas clients) are entering or expanding in the UK buy to let market, due to it being so well insulated against the fluctuations and erratic natures of other markets and commodities. 

In the world of money, savings and pensions today – we are sad to report that our banks are unable to provide financial security by way of solid interest rates and returns. 

Exceptionally attractive additional product

Unlike stocks and shares, gold or fine art – a buy to let property provides not only capital appreciation over time but offers an exceptionally attractive additional product of rental yield. This lucrative investment mechanic means that we can purchase property for our client and ensure it is in line with their strategy and goals. This could be purely yield driven, mid to long term hold strategy or a blend of the two. We frequently purchase for clients that wish for a more diverse investment strategy that are moving away from more traditional formats. 

As nearly all our clients are kindly introduced to us via referrals from our clients, how we do business and our transparency throughout the process is critical. We give complete numbers for your financial planning, and do our homework when it comes to which investment properties & geographic pockets are most beneficial to your strategy, and why. 

Whilst it is prudent to look forward at forecasts in terms of what an asset will produce, it would be remiss to not look at historic performance to understand what underpins both its stability and longer-term prospects. 

If you were investing funds into the stock market, it’s fair to guess that you would use a broker to deploy your funds. If you are investing in UK real estate for investment please proceed with the same mindset. We are confident in our ability to navigate and maximise your investment correctly, so please do get in touch to discuss your investment further.

 Landline: 01572 756675 / 01780 769269 / 01482 221 025 

Mobile: 07788 237 357 


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