Can the government’s proposed ban on tenant fees make you money?

Are you a landlord? Thinking about becoming one? Then the government’s ban on tenant fees will have given you cause for concern.

But wait….

Could there be another side to this story, one the doom-mongers and naysayers haven’t considered? We think there might be!

When this happened in Scotland in 2012, a few agents shut up shop and few landlords even sprinted out of the market….a knee-jerk reaction if you ask us! However the reality of these actions meant that as the supply suddenly ‘dried up’, tenant demand increased. We don’t think we need to tell you what happens when supply falls and demand rises right? Oh ok then- RENTS WILL INEVITABLY RISE!

Pretty exciting right? However, we suppose that at the moment it’s all just conjecture….and yet, a property focus report release from Savills’ recently predicted that rents will increase by 19% over the next five years!

Even the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicted (in its November 2016 report) that house prices will rise 28.5% in the same period.

So combine the rental and capital growth and investing in the property market is quickly becoming the best way to increase your ROI on any income or savings you might have available.

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